Tons for sure

We Have own land of about 28000 sq.ft in Industrial zone at Pirangut. Have 4 Industrial sheds constructed on our own land. Have 50 KW + 150 KVA = 225 KVA (HT) electrical connection.

We have about 15 qualified Engineers working with us to take care of various departments like Marketing, Design, Production, Quality, Purchase, Store, Account Projects etc.

We are implementing lean manufacturing system in our company.

Currently we have all the machinery as listed below, required for manufacturing of our current products.

Sr. No.List of existing MachineryQty
01.Special purpose boring machines 4
02.VMC automatic milling machine 1
03. Double column vertical milling center about 3.2 m Lg bed length imported from Taiwan 1
04.Milling machine with DRO1
05 Radial drilling machine1
07.Orbital welding machine imported from Germany1
08.Argon welding set4
09. Welding rectifiers 10
10.Overhead cranes in all 4 sheds 8
11.Measuring instruments like Vernier Calipers, bore gauges Ultrasonic thickness meter, DFT meter etc.1 lot